G-Tex® Geotextiles


G-Tex® geotextiles are made from polypropylene or polyester fibers by carded, lapped, needle punched, rolled up and finally wrapped with protective wrapping to be finished products. Some types are added thermal treatment.

Product Ranges

Dalian GeoMax offers an extensive range of G-Tex® geotextiles with standard roll width range from 4m to 6m, weights range from 100g/m2 up to 1200g/m2.

The choice of polymer is important in certain applications to ensure long term functionality of the geotextiles. Generally, G-Tex®  geotextiles can be divided into two series geotextiles according with its raw materials: G-Tex® GLS series geotextiles and G-Tex® GLP series geotextiles.

Please download the below document to learn more about G-Tex® GLS series geotextiles and G-Tex® GLP series geotextiles.


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